Matt Varnish

Matt Taylor a.k.a. Matt Varnish (or simply "Varnish") is a Grammy award-winning art director and the proprietor of Varnish Studio Inc. Founded in August of 2006, Matt has worked with some of the most prominent names and brands in music and entertainment today from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Blizzard Entertainment.

Varnish Beer Bottles

Since 2007, he has also worked with many craft beer brands, designing everything from their lables to keg collars to websites. Matt is the genius behind the creative look and feel of Roadhouse beer. After countless hours and countless beers, the vision for Roadhouse was clear. "Everything looks better with Varnish"

  • Michael Gardner

    michael gardner

    – mountain guide –

  • Cam Fitzpatrick

    cam fitzpatrick

    – professional snowboarder & co-owner of bar-sip-bar –

  • Matt Varnish

    matt varnish

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  • Jen Reddy

    jen reddy

    – TSCAR volunteer, world traveler –

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    – Professional skier, owner of Wright Training, cofounder of Jackson Hole Babe Force –

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