Bubba Albrecht

As a youngster growing up in Ohio, I was lucky to be surrounded by those who embodied the “Live Deep” mentality. From hunting and fishing, to sports, academics and friendships, there was always an opportunity to try something new and challenge my limits. I am grateful to all those willing to show me the ropes and encourage a life of giving your all and never settling with the easy route. I pursued an education in civil engineering before heading west to big, beautiful Wyoming, where I’m lucky to call home. Curiosity and opportunity has resulted in fascinating work and relationships while teaching kids at Teton Valley Ranch Camp, getting adopted into the Fine Dining Family, tossing bags at the JH airport and most notably, creating our lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, Give’r, based here in Jackson Hole. What began with a commemorative hat made for an annual kayaking trip, has evolved into a lifestyle brand celebrating the pursuit of passions and living a life of courage in choosing your own path and giving 110%. It has been an awesomely wild ride and I am grateful to all who’ve supported and encouraged us every step of the way.

Bubba Albrecht Walking

At my core, I believe that more powerful than hooking the biggest fish, is the experience of encouraging another to take a chance and lay out a cast - enjoying the experience, not just the catch. That said, when someone does catch a metaphorical fish in their journey of life, I strive to be the first to throw out a high five and offer a cold cruiser in celebration, ‘cause that’s the livin’ part of life.

  • Michael Gardner

    michael gardner

    – mountain guide –

  • Cam Fitzpatrick

    cam fitzpatrick

    – professional snowboarder & co-owner of bar-sip-bar –

  • Matt Varnish

    matt varnish

    – art director –

  • Jen Reddy

    jen reddy

    – TSCAR volunteer, world traveler –

  • Mikey Franco

    mikey franco

    – owner Franco Snowscapes –

  • Corey Milligan

    corey milligan

    – owner New West Knifeworks –

  • Crystal Wright

    crystal wright

    – Professional skier, owner of Wright Training, cofounder of Jackson Hole Babe Force –

  • Bubba Albrecht

    bubba albrecht

    – cofounder of Give'r –

  • Cade Palmer

    cade palmer

    – professional paraglider –

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