You can’t live in Jackson without being awestruck every sunrise by the natural beauty of our great American landscape.

And you can’t help but pledge at every sunset to be stewards of that very same dramatic scape, vowing to keep our air, water, land, wildlife safe.


To that end, we at Roadhouse Brewing Co take sustainability very seriously. Our new brewery was built to minimize its carbon footprint. We share kegs, recapture and recycle the heat we produce, and are installing solar panels that not only off-set our power usage, but feed power back to the Jackson town grid. Our spent grain is sent to Hereford Ranch Mead Ranch, a local family owned farm that produces grass-fed beef. Everyday we research more ways to lighten our footprint and care for our community.

Solar Panels

If you have additional ideas of how Roadhouse can be a friend to the environment, please let us know! Please email

Live Deep.

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