Corey Milligan

Corey Milligan lives in Jackson Hole and is the founder and owner of The Mountain Man Toy Shop and New West Knifeworks- America’s boutique maker of premium kitchen knives. A local favorite, New West’s notoriety reaches far beyond Jackson Hole. A favorite of celebrity chefs, New West has been featured in Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food and Wine, Forbes, Wine Spectator, Playboy, Outside, Elle Décor, and many other national media outlets. When he’s not making knives, Milligan enjoys the outdoor lifestyle of Jackson Hole. A long time white water guide, Milligan enjoys rafting, kayaking and sometimes surfing the Snake River. In the Winter, Milligan is an avid snowboarder and skier. Corey’s love for the local waterways is not only as a sportsman, but also a conservationist. Milligan was a founding member of the Rendezvous and Conservancy and  has also been instrumental in setting up the “R Park” which provides public access and a boat ramp to scenic portions of the Snake River. A long time rugby player, Corey is a "usual suspect" with the Jackson Hole Moose. Milligan is an avid locavore and enjoys figuring out new ways to feed his family fresh game and foliage from the challenging terrain. From gardening, raising chickens, hunting morels and making his own sausage from locally culled elk, Milligan is a proud progenitor of the “Cowboy Gourmet” movement.

Corey Milligan with Knives
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