Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner can’t remember if he learned to climb first or walk first, his life has been intertwined with the mountains since before he can remember. He is a second generation mountain guide born and raised in the Teton Range of WY, the San Juans of Colorado and the Himalaya. He’s drawn continually to the wild reaches of the planet – Antarctica, the Himalayas, Alaska and the Tetons. His guiding apprenticeship began informally, with his first mountaineering trips at age eight, with his father and saw him become one of the youngest guides in the United States. In addition to his constant relationship with climbing and guiding, Michael was a competitive professional skier on the World Tour circuit and received a Bachelor's degree in Education. Being in the mountains is much more than a profession for Gardner, when not guiding he can be found attempting world class alpine climbing objectives in progressive style on some of the wildest peaks in the world. Michael has put up new climbing routes and first ski descents all over the world. He is at home in any medium of mountain travel and is always looking forward to sharing his love for the mountains with those around him.

Michael Gardner

Roadhouse drink of choice: Highwayman Pilsner

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